From Daily Quotes to Breaking Faces


One of Safferland’s fan favourites, Brett, the retired bouncer, is being brought to the stage! Actually, he’s bringing himself to the stage, to introduce us to his new motivational program called BREAK YOUR FACE. Er, yeah.

Brett has broken things before though. For the last 2 years he broke into the psyche of Safferlanders at home and abroad in his web series THE DAILY QUOTE, in which he shared his bouncer-bruised interpretations on quotes he received on his phone by Ghandi, Jesus, Benjamin Franklin, Florence Nightingale, Anne Frank and Eminem, to name but a few. If those little gems were anything to go by, BREAK YOUR FACE is going to be a royal treat.

Check out the official press release:


‘We are faced with challenges that want to break us every day. Maybe instead of facing the challenges, we need to break the face?’ – Brett

Retired bouncer and now motivational speaker, Brett, is a man on a mission- to help you break your face- the same face that’s been stopping you from realising your full potential. Having recently returned from a journey of self-discovery in Beijing, Brett now shares the break-through revelations that changed his life and led to the revolutionary motivational system that will change yours.

Join Brett as he joins the face-breaking dots between insightful quotes, revealing stories from his murky bouncer past and his experience abroad, and uses words, music and the latent power of faceless interpretive dance to present his hard-won wisdom to amazed audiences around the world, but first in Jozi.

‘I’ve never seen anything like it’ – Terence Kemp, Benoni.

‘Made me think, like deep.’ – Rodney Smit, Boksburg

‘I know Brett from school.’ – Gary Hopkins

Bring yourself, your family and friends, but most important- bring your face, because unless you break it it’ll always be the thing in front of you that stands in your way.



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