Safferland Has A Home

In 2015 a group of comedy-loving South African writers, actors and directors decided to stop waiting for TV broadcasters to produce the kind of comedy they loved and start making it themselves. No money was on the table, just passion and a vision, that one day South Africans at home and abroad would know the colourful characters into which Safferland team was about to pour their love and apply their craft. 2 years and millions of views later that vision has finally come home, as we’re proud to announce the launch of this, the official Safferland website, on which we look back at the LOLs we’ve made along the way, and look forward to those to come. Safferland- in LOL we trust.

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From Daily Quotes to Breaking Faces
From Daily Quotes to Breaking Faces

One of Safferland’s fan favourites, Brett, the retired bouncer, is being brought to the stage! Actually, he’s bringing himself to the stage, to introduce us to his new motivational program called BREAK YOUR FACE. Er, yeah.

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